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Thu Sep 3

Chicks Being Ground Up Alive Video

Yeah, good idea. Let’s give little kids nightmares and not allow them to play violent video games because they might rampage their school, but let’s go ahead and show them animal cruelty. Nice.

Sat May 9


Price: $0.99 (but will be $2.99 after initial offering)

I’ve also tried SoundMatrix and ToneBoard, but Melodica is the best. SoundMatrix has several way to adjust the tones (pitch, tone, decay, tempo, volume), but the buttons in the matrix are WAAY too tiny. I mean, if you thought the iPhone keyboard was hard to type on, don’t even think about SoundMatrix.

And ToneBoard has a very odd echo that makes the entire experience unbearable for me.

But Melodica is the best representation of Andre Michelle’s ToneMatrix out of the three. It isn’t 16x16 like ToneMatrix, but that is because of the limitations of the iPhone screen size. The tones are balanced well, the buttons in the matrix, while small, are at least usable (unlike SoundMatrix). And when they add the save feature in the next version, it’ll be near perfect. I also look forward to some sort of matrix sharing like SoundMatrix has. Plus, it has the best icon and very responsive Twitter customer service (@candycaneapps).

For the most honest iPhone version of Andre Michelle’s ToneMatrix, Melodica is your only choice.

Thumbs up!

Wed Mar 11


Cost: $1

Tired of sending images from your iPhone one by one? Tired of receiving images from someone, one by one, because they are sending from and iPhone? Then you or someone you know needs this app.

Multi-Photo connects directly to your email client’s SMTP server to allow you to send more than one image from your iPhone. I take screen grabs all the time with the intent to email them to some one, but it takes me forever because I don’t have the time to send each one to myself, download each one, then send them from one email to the intended recipient. With Multi-Photo, I set it up with my Gmail account (which was totally painless) and was sending 6 screen grabs for a blog post painlessly.

If you frequently send pics from your iPhone, this is an easy $1 to spend.

Thumbs up!

Screen cap from Balls app (see post below)

Screen cap from Balls app (see post below)

Screen cap from Balls app (see post below)

Screen cap from Balls app (see post below)


Cost: free

Another one-trick pony, but one that mesmorizes me, especially when I need to perseverate on something.

As the colored balls react to gravity, they chime and tingle like wind chimes. Simply double-tap to bring up settings and adjust the number of balls, their size, their color trails, and how susceptible they are to gravity. I love playing with the settings, listening, and taking screen caps. Sometimes I just turn it on for some ambient noise.

Get this app and carry a beautiful enchanting set of wind chimes in your pocket, wind chimes that you can play with.

Thumbs up!

Wed Feb 18

Safe Note

COST: $1 (free version was available, but does not seem to be at time of publication)

If you need a straight-forward password-protected note app, Safe Note is for you. Simply set your password and your notes are safe from prying eyes. I use it for a diary, gift ideas, baby name ideas (we’re keeping the name choices secret), and a list of electronic devices and their serial numbers, battery requirements, etc.

Safe Note is well-designed and meets my most important requirements for a note-taking app that I really like it: You can sort notes and email them. You can still use auto-correct. I wish it had landscape mode, but that isn’t vitally necessary since I don’t use this app as much as my other note-taking app, Shape Writer.

I started off using Safe Note’s free version, but that has since disappeared from the App Store. For $1, though, I recommend this app wholeheartedly. It does not disappoint.

Thumbs up!

Tue Feb 10

Free Memory (ver. 1.4)

Cost: $1

I bought this app for the battery status feature, but if you really want to know that sometimes very useful bit of information, you should act quickly! Apparently Apple doesn’t want us to have that info, so that particular feature will be progged out in version 1.5.

As far as its main function, it seems to work well, but I’m mostly using as a meter to tell whether I should reboot or not.

Update: I think the promise that the battery status will be eliminated in the next version is a (very clever) sales tactic (that I fell for) because there has not been an update since I bought it. It does do its job, but I feel deceived, and that puts a bad taste in my mouth.


Fri Jan 23


Cost: $1

As a new app, Timetables delivers a solid product with eye-pleasing design. Want to keep track of your busy schedule or simply structure your days? Timetables is exactly what you need, and it’s versatile enough to meet the needs of everyone from busy students to administrative professionals, from teachers to soccer moms.

Timetables allows you to set up multiple schedules and choose the color for each event on your calendar. You can also set the duration of each schedule. The controls are intuitive and with minor exceptions, logical. What’s with not being able to designate the day of the week from the Create Task menu, and why can’t I select a task for editing in landscape mode? Unless I’ve missed it, there’s no way to export data, short of taking a screen shot in landscape mode.

Despite being a bit unstable, Timetables is a promising up-and-coming app for people who want a straightforward way of managing a hectic schedule, repeating events, or just structuring their time.


Sat Jan 17


Cost: $1
Internet connection required? Yes.

Have your heart set on an app, but don’t have the pesos in your pocket? AppSniper is the app for you.

AppSniper notifies you of all the apps that are on sale, new, and hot. Plus—and this is my favorite feature and the reason I bought it—it tracks specific apps’ prices, your wishlist (that’s my name for it; AppSniper calls it snipes, appropriately enough).

App Sniper's app price historyMost of the apps on the sale list are games which I assume used to be $0.99 and are now free. Like many reviewers, I found an app I had been watching on sale (free!) the first time I used AppSniper*. Since then, though, I haven’t found anything I had my eye on before purchasing the app (through no fault of the app, of course), although it has helped me find several other great new apps.

The snipes are easy to set up, and you have the option of deciding when you want to be notified: when the app changes in price at all, or when it hits a specific price. For the On Sale, New Apps, and Hot Apps menus, you can set filters in the config menu so that you aren’t see every single price change and new app. One of my other favorite features is the price history, which is available for every app you view from within App Sniper. It shows all price changes and updates int the last 90 days (see image).

My biggest complaint is that the app seems to be a memory hog, or at least it warns me that it has detected a low memory situation and that I should restart my iPod. A side effect of this (I think) is that scrolling through a long list of snipes is not smooth, but jerky. Plus, there’s a design flaw on the “Hot Apps” Page: The title appears over the buttons for “All” (I think that’s what it says) and “Free.”

This app is the best way to watch your wishlist app through sale-colored glasses.

* I found iBonsai for free, and it normally costs $3!